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At Galwyn Pty Ltd, we no longer offer our Tilt Tray Hire services but are still selling lights for oversized loads and buildings.


Over Dimensional width Clearance Lights for Oversize Loads and Buildings

An extra service Galwyn is now supplying is hand made Over Dimensional width clearance lights for Oversize Loads and Buildings.

The over dimensional lights are battery operated magnetic mounted ADR approved led clearance marker lights.

Each set of led clearance lights are hand made and are made up of 14 led lights which consists of 10 red/amber, 2 red and 2 white led lights and are sold in a metal case dimensions 385 (w) x 159 (d)  x 130 (h)


Plastic jiffy Box dimensions 83 x 54 x 31mm are fitted with led light, on/off toggle switch with rubber boot seal on box top, wires inside jiffy box are soldered and heat shrunk and lights are operated by 9v alkaline battery enclosed in box.

These are easily installed to your oversize load with 2 round rare earth countersunk magnets which are situated at base of jiffy box.

These are hand made and orders will be made as required.

These sets are selling at $825 including gst per set or individually $65 per light including postage and handling.

 Place an order by contacting us on our email: sales@galwyn.com.au